About us

We are also actively involved in the upliftment of the poor and the downtrodden. Our charitable activities include free education, food and study materials to the poor children and the orphan.

The Samruddi Samajika Seva Samste(R) Trust is a charitable organization, established on 2006, with a noble cause of providing shelter and support to old age citizens. We have 80 old, abandoned souls being cared for...the total capacity now being 160 resident elders. The core concept is to provide selfless service to disadvantaged persons and bring difference in their life. It ensures a decent and respectable life for the disadvantaged senior citizens, which was seized from their near ones.

We are also actively involved in the uplift of the poor and the downtrodden. Our charitable activities include free education, food and study materials to the poor children and the orphan.

Samruddi Samajika Seva Samste(R) Trust has been trying to alleviate the sufferings of the poor and the deprived citizens in humble but most subtle way so that they can lead their life with dignity.

As we plan to extend our services to various other needy faction of the society, we invite the likeminded to contribute their share of responsibility in form of service, financial support or moral support, because there is more in life than to be enjoyed just by self.

Samruddi Samajika Seva Samste(R) Trust’s Old Age Home is located in T. Narasipura, Mysore Dist. Its brings it closer to Bangalore.

The trust has now completed more than 8 years of its existence. The past years have been days of struggle and considerable odds to keep this fledgling institution afloat. We have been able to continue to do this good work through the benevolence extended by kind-hearted, altruistic individuals and corporate donors alike.

Samruddi Samajika Seva Samste(R) provides residential care with full free boarding & food facility to the old with medical care nursing care to the old belonging mostly to poor & middle class individuals (above 60 years of age) of all denominations.

The Home provides a homely atmosphere to all the valuable residents which is inclusive of full boarding and lodging facility, personal laundry, nursing, library and common room facilities like TV, indoor games, etc. Yoga classes are held for the benefit of the residents. Residents who are immobile/bedridden needing constant attention and O.W,C are provided extra and intensive care.

It takes huge money for us to ensure good health and food for one elderly individual in our Ashram. We invite all individuals who feel strongly for our cause to come forward and extend their support .

Social Services

The trust play greater role in helping young children in need of protection. The Trust proposes to spread its warmth in the field of social service now by establishing old age home, the home for Orphans. Our aims at providing basic needs and help for all-round development of the needy poor children, woman and old age peoples. It would run on sound liberal and moral principles.

Every member of the society has the fullest right to lead a common life. Though we have advanced in many aspects, our social approach towards women remains unchanged, leading to imbalance in their livelihood. We decide to break this barrier and facilitate the widows and physically challenged women to lead and perform.

Development is a never ending process, but it all starts with education. May it be self development or development of the mankind as a whole, education can create wonders. So, even a child leading abnormal days needs to educated with all the basic knowledge and strength to achieve ambitions.